Dialpad is currently only available as a pilot service for UIS and Financial Affairs.

Dialpad is a collaboration tool that enables you to make and receive phone calls from your computer (Mac, Windows) and mobile device (iPhone/iPad, Android).  Click here to see the answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Dialpad.

Step By Step Instructions

Duo Enroll   Duo Setup            

1. Enroll in Dialpad.

2. Set up your account (please ignore the Dialpad invitation email and follow the steps on the Web page only).

3. Download the Diapad application for your computer and any devices you want to include.

4. Forward your Georgetown phone number to the Dialpad phone number. 

5. Features Settings

Instructional Video


Making a Call (Video)

Dialpad Desktop App Walkthrough (Video)

Checking Your Dialpad Audio Settings (Video)

Sending and Receiving Text Messages (Video)