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Use your Georgetown University NetID for one login across all Google Apps, including Gmail, Docs, and more.

New to Gmail?

Gmail Best Practices – What you need to know about your new inbox.

Organizing and managing email – Gmail uses labels to categorize your emails. Labels work a little differently than folders. Find out how to tag and categorize your email with this system.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication (Duo) – Duo protects your Georgetown University NetID from theft or compromise. After you sign in with your NetID and password, you must approve access using your mobile device or landline phone. Learn more about how to sign up for Duo.

Go Mobile

Download the Gmail app on your mobile device from Google Play or the App Store to send and receive emails on your phone or tablet. Get more information on Gmail for mobile and read instructions on how to set up Google Apps on your device.

Policy Statement

Use of Georgetown University-issued accounts for Google Mail, Calendar, Groups, Talk, Docs, Sites, Video, and Contacts is governed by the contract between Georgetown University and Google. All other Google applications are governed by the terms set forth in the consumer Google Privacy Policy.